What comes to mind when YOU hear the word Peace?

The last year has drastically changed my outlook on life and on what the word Peace means to me.

May 14th, 2016 started mostly like any other day….and it was BUSY.
I can tell you many details of the day reflecting back.

I truly thought I might meet Jesus face to face.

Listen, I am a straight-shooter.

I am blunt and to the point and I am not kidding around or exaggerating one bit when I say……I came close to dying that day.

I didn’t know the extent in which my body had gone down hill until they were strapping me up quickly with an IV and shoving paperwork at me as they explained out loud the possible – SIDE EFFECTS – of receiving blood.

Yes. Emergency.  – Yes. Blood.

Emergency blood transfusion….

I asked the Dr. out loud – what happens if I don’t sign the papers and get this blood?

Simply stated he said – I am quoting now “you won’t be here”.

I signed the papers and to my absolute surprise when the blood started flowing into my body I began to feel like a vampire.
The blood was making me feel SO much better.  I wanted more because it was giving me LIFE back.

That is when I realized that I had felt life slipping away from me for most of the day….I just certainly hadn’t realized just how sick I had become.

The details of the how and the why aren’t all that important.
Buy me a cup of tea sometime if you’d really like to hear it.
(Warning – if you’re grossed out easily maybe you should not – lol)

I assume some of you may be scratching your head and wondering what on earth this has to do with PEACE?

Hang with me here – I had to give a little back story.

I will say this – when you come so close to death – and you know Jesus – the biggest question is – WHY am I still here?

PEACE – I give you Peace for your journey.

I have found that the only way I am ever satisfied in a day is when I am resting in His presence and His Peace.

That wasn’t true before.  That wasn’t a place I could wrap my mind around before this happened.

I do not always have peace….

I do not always even pretend to know what that looks like.

I DO know that it is here anytime I want it.

I DO know that HE IS MY PEACE —->>> My All in ALL.

He took me on an important journey and now has asked me to continue that journey and include all of you…

Will you come along?